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Camden Drash Loud Mix | Valentino Valentin

Rain by night in camden town ; follow me Cheers mate !

Carnaby Pop mix

VALENTINO aka the Marquis of VAL

Valentino was raised on music.

He first learned to play the piano and the organ and joined a choir that toured around Europe.

As a teenager, he developed a taste for pop music that still enthrals him.

He played keyboards for different short-lived bands and then got signed to SONY MUSIC, CARRERE as a singer, songwriter, performer.

In the late eighties, one could hear his songs on the radio. He then wrote for other performers and also did radio and television themes.

He records an album on 2007 as “VALENTINO and the PIM’S’” and performs live in Paris with a musical group composed of female musicians exclusively.

As a composer, he wrote the instrumental piece “l’Obsession” for the HAPPY MUSIC compilations “La Voile Rouge” and “St Barth”.

As a DJ, he works for the most beautiful and exotic places of Paris like the famous club “le Baron” (where Mick Jagger celebrated his birthday ), the mythic club “Chez Moune”, the trendy Costes businesses (Hôtel Costes, the Germain, Chez Georges), the historic Tuilerie Gardens where he entertained 2000 people of the gentry, the exclusive club “l’ARC”, the venue “la Cigale Café”…

He is a resident DJ at numerous underground venues located in the heart of the Rock dj strict of Paris, close to the “Père Lachaise” cemetery (where Jim Morrisson was buried), like the “Cannibal Café”, “l’UFO”, la “Cantada”, “l’Orange Mécanique”, La Féline…

He absolutely loves to party but always in style !

He plays either fiftie’s / sixtie’s/ seventie’s Rock, or movie themes, soul music (Tamla & Stax), brit pop, Garage, 60’s and rare Jazz, Atmospheric & Lounge as well as Easy Lounge. His wide musical culture makes him able to instantaneously adapt to any subtile change in the mood of the moment. Valentino is an experienced DJ with excellent mixing skills who always provides the highest quality service.


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